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Blog Post 4, Week 6

Imagine you are hitching a ride with Huck and Jim. Write a paragraph describing the setting and the atmosphere of what it is like to be with these two runaways.


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Blog Post 2, Week 4

How have the thoughts and images of either Emerson or Thoreau (or both) and Walden given you a clearer sense of what it is you are looking for in your own life?

The idea of Transcendentalism, of which Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau were central figures of, is a movement in American Literature which I was familiar with, yet had not known the term or official meaning of. Developed around 1836, Transcendentalism is a philosophical movement influenced by romanticism and a number of philosophies, and teaches that “divinity pervades all nature and humanity” (“Transcendentalism”). This this idea of transcendentalism becomes clearer when keeping it in mind and thinking about Walden’s sentence in Chapter 2 of ‘Where I Lived, and What I Live For’:

 “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived”

This quote by Walden highly resonates with me as I personally love to both learn and explore new things as well as teach those around me. During my teenage years and especially those spent at university, I have discovered that although I can learn a lot within the four walls of a classroom, it is out in the world surrounded by nature that I will learn the most. It is my greatest fear that I will spend all my life within a classroom – both teaching and learning – yet will die having not lived and having in fact, not learnt anything at all.


It is my goal in life to travel the world, experience different cultures and customs, and surround myself in nature; to learn as much as I can both inside of the classroom and out, and when my time comes to an end, I hope that I can say that I have lived and that I have achieved all that I have wanted to achieve in this world.



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Blog Post 6, Week 8

Write a letter to John Henry Cardinal Newman telling him how much you appreciate his take on what a university education should be about

John Henry Cardinal Newman,

I really appreciate your take on what university education should be about. As an education student, I too believe that university is a place where knowledge can be transmitted and that this type of knowledge should be different to that used within the marketplace.

The ability to attend university to gain an education and further our knowledge on all different levels is a privileged and an honour; it is not something accessible to everyone. It is a place where we can use our imagination and personal feelings and experiences in order to build on and understand areas such as literature, philosophy and the arts.

It is a place for us to grow and develop in our understandings of knowledge, the world around us, and also our inner lives and feelings.


Nicole Walsh