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CREATIVE – Imagine the character that lies behind this face:



When I imagine the character that lies behind this face, I think of a male in his middle ages. A man who is sitting down at the table after a long, exhausting day; his mug of tea in front of him has gone cold and he is oblivious to the sound of the wind and thunder outside which seems to represent his mood over the recent months. He is a man who has felt sorrow and heart attack, a man who has loved and lost. A man who has lost a pet, or a close friend, or even just a sense of direction. Despite this, he continues to push on, carrying out his work by day and coming home to sink into a deep state of thought and reflection of what once was. He does not let this sorrow take over entirely, his strength and determination will not let that happen. Instead, he embraces it in order to remind himself of what the world once was and what the world can be.

He sits on his lonesome like this for many hours before he spends the rest of the evening reading his historical books, listening to SBS radio and flicking through the most recent newspaper he still gets delivered to his door. From here he makes his way to a lonely bed and waits for morning to come where he wakes up just to do it all over again.

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Blog Post 4

What Inspired you and/or what did you enjoy most about today’s visit to the Art Gallery of NSW and the Brett Whiteley Studio?

Overall, what I enjoyed most about yesterday’s excursion was being able to immerse myself within the art and gain a deeper understanding behind it all. My absolute favourite piece was definitely Brett Whiteley’s ‘Alchemy‘. I liked this piece instantly upon arrival, but as I listened to Michael speak in detail about the artwork I gained a much deeper understanding than I would have expected from a piece of art. I was truly so amazed by the level of detail and intertexuality that went into the work, especially that of Blake’s “grain of sand”; I would never have expected one to go as far as including an actual grain of sand within the piece.

download (1).jpeg
Brett Whiteley’s ‘Alchemy

At the Art Gallery of NSW I thoroughly enjoyed being able to walk around in a small group while observing and discussing Blake’s work. This allowed me to feel as though I did not have to rush through to allow space for many others to pass through and instead I was able to take my time thinking about each illustration and discussing the works with others.

As a student who has attended the Art Gallery of NSW numerous times before, I am thoroughly surprised by the level of enjoyment I found in the day and plan on once again visiting Brett Whiteley’s studio on a quieter (and slightly cooler) day in order hopefully take in even more than I initially did.

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Blog Post 2

CREATIVE – Imagine that you are Thomas Butts and that you have received the letter written to you by William Blake from Felpham on October 2, 1800. Thank him for the poem that was sent to you and tell Blake what you think about his poem.

To my dear friend William,

I have received your letter (October 2, 1800) and I must admit, I am amazed. You have a way with words which brings to you an entire experience and vision within a single letter. While I was reading alone in my room, turned towards the blank wall, I could see those first visions of light being emitted over the yellow sand and the seas and land. I could see the mountains and the jewels of light and with this, I imagined the crisp air of early morn and could hear the imagined sounds of birds in the distance. I felt as though the earth was surrounding me, engulfing me. It is a stunning experience to be able to delve into the passionate visions one has and to be taken on a visionary journey all from within your own room, holding a single letter.

Thank you for putting into words the vision you saw and the beautiful world of which we are surrounded by. I always find it such a pleasure to be blessed with your incredible imaginative visions and I hope you will continue to write and share them with me.

Yours truly,

Thomas Butts

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Blog Post 1

CREATIVE – Write a letter to William Blake asking him if he can help you to come closer to an understanding of the Visionary experience he speaks about in his letters.

To dearest William Blake,

Your letters speak of deep, fulfilling insights of the Visionary experience; an understanding which I personally would love to understand and experience myself. These experiences you speak of are so clear, allowing me sit back and see, feel, hear, the visions you describe. They make me long not only for these experiences, but to also feel these experiences as deeply and honestly as you do. What is it that you do to immerse yourself into these experiences? Where are the places you travel to in order to discover these visions? How is it you are able to put words and labels on all that you see and feel and hear, and share them with those around you ever so clearly?

I wish you could tell me how it is I can achieve this in my own escapades, and how I too can explore these Visionary experiences within my own words as I put those words onto paper and wish that one day they will speak so passionately and truthfully and magically to someone as yours do to me.

Yours truly,