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Peer Review #6


I really enjoyed reading your interpretation of the ways in which Marianne Moore’s poem spoke to you. You show a strong ability to analysis this poem in depth and to further analysis and critique this analysis as it links in with your own experiences. Good work!

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Peer Review #5


This was not a topic I myself was willing to attempt, but you did it great justice! I love the rhyme within your poem and it’s deep connection with nature. The only advice I could give would maybe be providing some context with your poem as well as stating which poet (Lowell or Frost) has inspired this piece. Good work!

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Peer Review #1


I really enjoyed reading your blog post this week and found it highly engaging. I agree with how hard it can be to look past our devices and focus instead on the nature around us. I really like the ways in which you take this idea and appreciation of Mother Nature and are able to reflect on this in order to overcome this distraction of devices and find ways in which you are able to truly immerse yourself in nature. This lifestyle of living out of a van truly does sound as though it has captured the mind of yourself and others alike, thankfully helping to reconnect individuals with this love of nature.