19th Century Literature, Peer Reviews

Peer Review 7


I really liked reading your blog post this week! You took a simple prompt and you turned it into a well written creative piece. The imagery throughout made me feel as though I was there and I felt as if I was able to feel all the character felt. The use of rhetorical questions helped to keep me engaged and wonder more about the characters experiences than what I was seeing at face value.

The only slight issue I found within your post was a spelling error, but otherwise your post for the this week was extremely well done!


19th Century Literature, Peer Reviews

Peer Review 6


This weeks blog post was both well written and very analytical. You did a good job of analysing the poem and explaining both the face value perspectives and the deeper meanings behind it. 

I felt that all aspects of your post were well thought out and I like the way you mention that all interpretations are correct when backed up with evidence before following through with your understanding of the text and the evidence to back up your claims.

While I enjoyed your post, I feel as though you could have expanded on the final point about what the poem has taught you, as to me, it seemed as if it quickly came to an end even though you had more to say.

Keep up the good posts!





19th Century Literature, Peer Reviews

Peer Review 5


I really enjoyed your Week 5 blog post capturing our visit to the Art Gallery of NSW. I think the way you began summarised our visit overall in detail before talking about the two paintings specifically was a good start to your post! I also like that you included the paintings in the order of where they were during our Gallery tour/

I too loved the painting by Eugene Von Guerard; it truly was breathtaking! Each of the paintings have an extensive analysis with them and you have done well to include this in the summary along with why you liked that painting.

The only changes that I think could be made to your post would be creating a new paragraph separating your discussion of the first painting and the Victoria Hall.

Keep up the good posts!



19th Century Literature, Peer Reviews

Peer Review 4


I really enjoyed your blog post this week; I thought it was brilliant and engaging! I loved the creativity you used in order to get your point and ideas across and found myself agreeing with all that was in your letter; we learn so much more through experiences outside of the classroom than we do from ‘hard facts’ and sums we hold little interest in given to us day after day.

The only aspect in which I feel could be improved are a few tiny grammatical errors but otherwise, this post is excellent!



19th Century Literature, Peer Reviews

Peer Review 3


I really enjoyed reading your blog this week! I love the way you’ve described your suburb in such detail and have also given that additional personal touch through the comparison of your childhood.
The world around us is constantly changing and it’s great to see that regardless of what is happening in the world, you still hold these nostalgic feelings towards your suburb and all that it represents – both past and present.



19th Century Literature, Peer Reviews

Peer Review 2

I really enjoyed reading your post! I too agree with what you are saying and I personally had not considered that Austen could be passing on this message to the audience that by doing as Emma does, we could “begin to imagine the world incorrectly and lose our connection to reality”. This is an interesting way of looking at it!


19th Century Literature, Peer Reviews

Peer Review 1


I really like how the you thought of the painting in response to the question. It shows a great level of creativity and understanding.

I can relate to you in your experiences of your relationship and where your mood changed. I believe that is really is an amazing thing to be able to “feel joyful, peaceful, safe, secure, lovable and worthy through taking care of ourselves” and to then be able to share this with those around us.

I’m really glad that you were selected to come to Australia in this exchange program. It provides you with the opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and experience something new and exciting where you can move past these previous negative feelings and emotions. I too am excited for the experiences and life changes a small overseas study tour can bring to me this year.

I found your post emotional, inspiring and encouraging. It reminds me to think of where it is in life that I want to be and to continue to work towards this rather than feeling down when faced with difficulty.

I can’t wait to read more of your posts!