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Blog Post 3 Week 5

Write a paragraph describing your own city or suburb using some of the literary language techniques that we have seen working in Charles Dickens.

It’s a busy city that seems to never sleep. The days filled with people. Business men chatting away on the phone as they hastily walk from one place to another, women enjoying their coffee on a quick lunch break, tourists talking loudly in every possible language, children squealing with excitement as their parents try to ensure they don’t get lost. The nights are bright and busy. Teenagers laughing and stumbling around outside the clubs, men smoking and laughing; a beer in hand. Muffled music coming from inside a range of different clubs can be heard streets away. It is these further streets where the homeless lay and streets are almost empty. The odd car or shout can be heard from a distance and the sky dark overhead. There may not be young adults full of energy and wide awake stumbling down the streets, but there is a sense of life. As if there is always someone around, hidden in the shadows, they too enjoying the feeling of adventure and the exciting wonder of the unknown.

It is a city of life and endless possibility. A city that while often goes dark in places, there’s rarely a suburb that sleeps.

Vivid 2016
Image: Vivid 2016