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Blog Post 5

CREATIVE – Imagine the character that lies behind this face:



When I imagine the character that lies behind this face, I think of a male in his middle ages. A man who is sitting down at the table after a long, exhausting day; his mug of tea in front of him has gone cold and he is oblivious to the sound of the wind and thunder outside which seems to represent his mood over the recent months. He is a man who has felt sorrow and heart attack, a man who has loved and lost. A man who has lost a pet, or a close friend, or even just a sense of direction. Despite this, he continues to push on, carrying out his work by day and coming home to sink into a deep state of thought and reflection of what once was. He does not let this sorrow take over entirely, his strength and determination will not let that happen. Instead, he embraces it in order to remind himself of what the world once was and what the world can be.

He sits on his lonesome like this for many hours before he spends the rest of the evening reading his historical books, listening to SBS radio and flicking through the most recent newspaper he still gets delivered to his door. From here he makes his way to a lonely bed and waits for morning to come where he wakes up just to do it all over again.


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