Peer Reviews, Visionary Imagination

Peer Review 3


You have written such a detailed reflection on Brett Whiteley’s ‘Alchemy‘ which would perfectly summarize the artwork for those who have never seen it. I feel as though it’s especially important to focus on the lights, photographs and intertextuality which have all been brought together in order to create this piece as they make the piece unique while also showing the complexity of Whiteley’s creation which helps to take us as viewers on a journey into his art.

I strongly agree with your opinions and interpretations throughout your post and I feel as though the images really help to add the finishing touch to your entry. The only ‘downfall’ I have to comment on is that in comparison to your extensive response regarding Whiteley, your reflection on Blake’s engravings felt as though they were quickly added onto the end of the post in order to reflect on the entire day. I feel as though it may have been more beneficial for you to focus more on the one aspect of the day that you feel as though you gained the most from. I love forward to reading your future entries.




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