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Blog Post 4

What Inspired you and/or what did you enjoy most about today’s visit to the Art Gallery of NSW and the Brett Whiteley Studio?

Overall, what I enjoyed most about yesterday’s excursion was being able to immerse myself within the art and gain a deeper understanding behind it all. My absolute favourite piece was definitely Brett Whiteley’s ‘Alchemy‘. I liked this piece instantly upon arrival, but as I listened to Michael speak in detail about the artwork I gained a much deeper understanding than I would have expected from a piece of art. I was truly so amazed by the level of detail and intertexuality that went into the work, especially that of Blake’s “grain of sand”; I would never have expected one to go as far as including an actual grain of sand within the piece.

download (1).jpeg
Brett Whiteley’s ‘Alchemy

At the Art Gallery of NSW I thoroughly enjoyed being able to walk around in a small group while observing and discussing Blake’s work. This allowed me to feel as though I did not have to rush through to allow space for many others to pass through and instead I was able to take my time thinking about each illustration and discussing the works with others.

As a student who has attended the Art Gallery of NSW numerous times before, I am thoroughly surprised by the level of enjoyment I found in the day and plan on once again visiting Brett Whiteley’s studio on a quieter (and slightly cooler) day in order hopefully take in even more than I initially did.


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