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What Inspired you and/or what did you enjoy most about today’s visit to the Art Gallery of NSW and the Brett Whiteley Studio?

Overall, what I enjoyed most about yesterday’s excursion was being able to immerse myself within the art and gain a deeper understanding behind it all. My absolute favourite piece was definitely Brett Whiteley’s ‘Alchemy‘. I liked this piece instantly upon arrival, but as I listened to Michael speak in detail about the artwork I gained a much deeper understanding than I would have expected from a piece of art. I was truly so amazed by the level of detail and intertexuality that went into the work, especially that of Blake’s “grain of sand”; I would never have expected one to go as far as including an actual grain of sand within the piece.

download (1).jpeg
Brett Whiteley’s ‘Alchemy

At the Art Gallery of NSW I thoroughly enjoyed being able to walk around in a small group while observing and discussing Blake’s work. This allowed me to feel as though I did not have to rush through to allow space for many others to pass through and instead I was able to take my time thinking about each illustration and discussing the works with others.

As a student who has attended the Art Gallery of NSW numerous times before, I am thoroughly surprised by the level of enjoyment I found in the day and plan on once again visiting Brett Whiteley’s studio on a quieter (and slightly cooler) day in order hopefully take in even more than I initially did.

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Peer Review 3


You have written such a detailed reflection on Brett Whiteley’s ‘Alchemy‘ which would perfectly summarize the artwork for those who have never seen it. I feel as though it’s especially important to focus on the lights, photographs and intertextuality which have all been brought together in order to create this piece as they make the piece unique while also showing the complexity of Whiteley’s creation which helps to take us as viewers on a journey into his art.

I strongly agree with your opinions and interpretations throughout your post and I feel as though the images really help to add the finishing touch to your entry. The only ‘downfall’ I have to comment on is that in comparison to your extensive response regarding Whiteley, your reflection on Blake’s engravings felt as though they were quickly added onto the end of the post in order to reflect on the entire day. I feel as though it may have been more beneficial for you to focus more on the one aspect of the day that you feel as though you gained the most from. I love forward to reading your future entries.



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Peer Review 2


I found you creative piece to be highly captivating. Your piece flows beautifully and the level of detail drew me into the story. I felt as though I could see and feel everything you said around me, but I feel as though an image of a burning fire or something else simplistic yet bright with ‘warm’ colours could help to enhance the visionary experience I gained as a reader. I also really liked your ‘dance with the devil’ phrase as this is a quote that is familiar with me which added onto the feelings I took away from your piece. I hope to see more creative pieces written by you in future.



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Blog Post 3

CRITICAL – Take any of the songs that we explored today (Patti Smith and/or The Doors) and discuss how the song embodies a Blakean insight into human experience that is still relevant today.

Patti Smith’s ‘My Blakean Year‘ embodies a clear Blakean insight into human experience. This embodiment is made obvious through the title of her song, a direct link to Blake’s insight which she has related to today’s modern society through titling it about her year.

Throughout this year, Patti explores and learns of William Blake’s insights and in the opening of her song states, “In my Blakean year I was so disposed / Toward a mission yet unclear Advancing pole by pole”. This demonstates that she is embarkin on a journey with no set end goal in sight; the journey of her life. Throughout this journey she encounters numerous experiences which are not all positive, and “The pain of our existence Was not as [I] envisioned”.

Patti states that Blake’s life “was a testament of faith over strife. He suffered poverty humiliation and misunderstanding yet he continued to do his work and maintained a lifelong belief in his vision. He has served as a good example in facing my own difficulties and feeling a certain satisfaction in doing so”. Patti’s song explores this insight into the good and bad of the human experience as she reflects on her suffering and the joy she has found throughout her year. This is seen towards the end of the song where Patti repeats “So throw off your stupid cloak Embrace all that you fear / For joy shall conquer all despair in my Blakean year”. This perspective she holds in which she continues to move on through the joy and the fear and continue to experience life as it is demonstrates a Blakean insight and understanding into the human experience.



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Peer Review 1


Your post is really in-depth and insightful. I love how you share an interpretation of the poem and further back this up with detailed reference in order to convey your understanding and share your response to the blog topic at hand. While I believe the detail within your response is incredibly useful, I feel as though it would be more effective for you to share this in a more casual manner, still being a critical reflection but being slightly less analytical to help give the feel of a blog post rather than a short essay.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your entry and look forward to reading more of your insights in the upcoming weeks.



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Blog Post 2

CREATIVE – Imagine that you are Thomas Butts and that you have received the letter written to you by William Blake from Felpham on October 2, 1800. Thank him for the poem that was sent to you and tell Blake what you think about his poem.

To my dear friend William,

I have received your letter (October 2, 1800) and I must admit, I am amazed. You have a way with words which brings to you an entire experience and vision within a single letter. While I was reading alone in my room, turned towards the blank wall, I could see those first visions of light being emitted over the yellow sand and the seas and land. I could see the mountains and the jewels of light and with this, I imagined the crisp air of early morn and could hear the imagined sounds of birds in the distance. I felt as though the earth was surrounding me, engulfing me. It is a stunning experience to be able to delve into the passionate visions one has and to be taken on a visionary journey all from within your own room, holding a single letter.

Thank you for putting into words the vision you saw and the beautiful world of which we are surrounded by. I always find it such a pleasure to be blessed with your incredible imaginative visions and I hope you will continue to write and share them with me.

Yours truly,

Thomas Butts