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CREATIVE – Write a letter to William Blake asking him if he can help you to come closer to an understanding of the Visionary experience he speaks about in his letters.

To dearest William Blake,

Your letters speak of deep, fulfilling insights of the Visionary experience; an understanding which I personally would love to understand and experience myself. These experiences you speak of are so clear, allowing me sit back and see, feel, hear, the visions you describe. They make me long not only for these experiences, but to also feel these experiences as deeply and honestly as you do. What is it that you do to immerse yourself into these experiences? Where are the places you travel to in order to discover these visions? How is it you are able to put words and labels on all that you see and feel and hear, and share them with those around you ever so clearly?

I wish you could tell me how it is I can achieve this in my own escapades, and how I too can explore these Visionary experiences within my own words as I put those words onto paper and wish that one day they will speak so passionately and truthfully and magically to someone as yours do to me.

Yours truly,