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Week 8 Blog Post Topic

Select the one modernist poem or text that you found spoke to you most directly. Quote the text and tell us how the text moved you.

One modernist poem or text that I found spoke to me the most directly was Mina Loy’s ‘Feminist Manifesto’. This text stood out to me as it portrayed a different side of feminism to that of what I currently see within today’s social media. When I come across texts about feminism, I see that men and women are equal, or should be deemed so. Loy’s work not only focussed on women’s sexuality, and more specifically, maternity “as both a responsibility and an aspect of their own sexual development”, but it blatantly stated that men and women are not friends.

“Men and women are enemies, with the enmity of the exploited for the parasite, the parasite for the exploited – at present they are at the mercy of the advantage that each can take of the others sexual dependence –. The only point a which the interests of the sexes merge – is in the sexual embrace.”

Loy speaks of the ways in which men and women are enemies who take advantage of the opposite sex, their only mutual point of interest being “the sexual embrace”. This piece spoke to me, as not only did the bold and underlined fonts stand out, but the message was something I wished to argue against, while also, in part, agree with. What I do agree with is that we must demolish this idea of women fitting into two classes; “the mistress and the mother”. Over time we are seeing more and more women choosing careers over motherhood, women who are not limiting themselves to these two lifestyle options. This is crucial in this idea of feminism as we are able to see women “seek within themselves” to discover who they are and what they wish to do with their lives, rather than “looking to men to find out what they are not”.




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