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Week 7 Blog Post Topics

4/ Write a letter to either Robert Frost or Robert Lowell and tell them about one of their poems that has had a real impact on you.

Robert Frost,

I am writing to tell you that your poem, ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ has caught my eye and had a deep impact on me. Your poem caught my eye as you describe perfectly a beautiful scenery I wish that I myself could visit. You speak of peace and serenity, found within the woods as they “fill up with snow”. This space “between the woods and frozen lake” drew me in as you spoke of “the darkest evening of the year”. You describe a love for the landscape which I myself can see and feel as I read your poem. I wonder who the man is and as I continue to read I begin to wonder what promises he has to keep. Where is he going? What is he off to do?

He states that he has “miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep”. This part is what catches me and intrigues me the most. The snowy, secluded woods on the darkest evening of the year sounds like a secluded place to take a life. A peaceful place to die. But he still has miles to go before he sleeps. Does the man have a whole life ahead of him? Is he coming near the end, ready to sleep yet not yet able?

The poem speaks of beauty in nature and life, yet to me also speaks of death or a sad loneliness. We need more poems like this that speak of this nature and that are fuelled by emotion.




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