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Peer Review 3

Maz, it’s really nice to see that you have a place so far away from the rest of the world to escape to when you want a peaceful place to think and that you can reflect on so it vividly; it’s almost as if you were sitting there while writing this.
I think that this is a great experience to write about as you can gain a sense of your awe of the place through the emotion in your writing and it is clearly a place that holds many memorable moments for you.
I love the image of the bushfires you included; I also remember these like they were yesterday but from where I live I only saw the dark browns, oranges and a dark purple-y coloured haze rather than the full view of the smoke meeting with blue sky. It just goes to show how such a place can provide a different perspective to the world around you.

Here are some images I took (on a dodgy quality camera) in Penrith during the bush fires:


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