20th Century Literature

Week 10: Nation, Race and Language: “Wherever I Hang My Knickers – That’s My Home”

4. Create a mini digital kit from which your readers can find useful resources on any two of the authors studied today.

This digital kit contains useful and valuable resources on Chinua Achebe and M Nourbese Philip; two authors who have different views towards language. While Chinua Achebe embraced the English language, M Nourbese Philip seemed to focus on the loss of language and the mother tongue. Below you will find these resources and information about these two authors.

Chinua Achebe (1930 – 2013)

Born in November of 1930, Chinua Achebe was a novelist, poet, professor and critic. During his lifetime, Chinua Achebe received many honorary degrees from over 30 universities worldwide, and throughout his writing career won numerous awards. His most notable work is his first novel, ‘Things Fall Apart’ (1958).



Published Works:


Achebe Discusses Africa 50 Years After ‘Things Fall Apart’


M Nourbese Philip (1947 – Today)

M Nourbese Philip is a writer, poet and lawyer born in the year 1947 and currently residing in Toronto, Canada. She studied a Bachelor of Science (Economics) at university followed by a Masters of Political Science and a Law degree. After 7 years of practicing law she gave it up to pursue her writing career, of which she had already completed two books of poetry. As well as poetry, Nourbese Philip also writes fiction and non-fiction.



Awards and Citations:


M. Nourbese Philip reads ‘Discourse on the Logic of Language’ from She Tries Her Tongue

M. Nourbese Philip Talks About Zong and Reads ‘Fall’



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Featured Image Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sharon-kurtzman/women-ditching-underwear_b_7976640.html


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