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I really enjoy reading your posts. Your mini digital kit contains a great deal of research and is extremely well done. The information given was not only interesting and factual, but also very credible.

I believe the information provided directly in the post mixed with the additional videos and links to websites is exceptionally valuable and helps to provide a greater range of information spread across the different media types.

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Peer Review 6

I also believe that the style of language has an influence on the way the message is being communicated and understood. I too found the way Philip presented and performed her work to be both amazing and unique; it was unlike anything I had heard before.
I really like how you have observed the way Philip uses this language in her own way and connected it to similar instances within your own life. It truly is phenomenal.

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Peer Review 5


I enjoyed reading this post and learnt quite a few facts from it that I did not already know. It is clear that you did quite a bit of research and you provided a lot of detail in regards to T.S. Eliot and Ezra Pound’s relationship.

The images added additional content to the post and I found that they made it more interesting to me as it not only adds depths, but also allowed me to see what the men looked like rather than rely solely on my imagination.

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Peer Review 4

Suzanne, I too agree with both yours and Virginia’s opinions in regards to the way literature should be written. Your analysis is very in-depth and you considered many aspects of the ways it should be written and the reasoning for this. I love how you focused a large proportion of your letter on the way she talks about ‘looking inwards’ as this really is an important aspect of modern fiction.

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Peer Review 3

Maz, it’s really nice to see that you have a place so far away from the rest of the world to escape to when you want a peaceful place to think and that you can reflect on so it vividly; it’s almost as if you were sitting there while writing this.
I think that this is a great experience to write about as you can gain a sense of your awe of the place through the emotion in your writing and it is clearly a place that holds many memorable moments for you.
I love the image of the bushfires you included; I also remember these like they were yesterday but from where I live I only saw the dark browns, oranges and a dark purple-y coloured haze rather than the full view of the smoke meeting with blue sky. It just goes to show how such a place can provide a different perspective to the world around you.

Here are some images I took (on a dodgy quality camera) in Penrith during the bush fires:

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Peer Review 2

Emily, I really liked your poem; I found it to be heartfelt and full of meaning. There was such a strong sense of emotion and when you think of it in relation to Owen’s ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ it adds even more emotion and meaning to the poem.
It’s very well written and I like that it rhymes! The image also provides further colour and meaning to the post.